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Canadians living, working or investing in the U.S., or Americans living, working or investing in Canada may need to file taxes in both countries, meaning the arduous task of navigating a multitude of double taxation issues.

We are a unique tax firm because we don’t just dabble in cross-border tax preparation; we specialize in it. It’s the only thing we do. We are not auditors, financial consultants or estate planners — we are cross-border tax experts.

We are a tax firm. And we exclusively help our clients prepare their U.S.-Canada tax solutions.

David Levine, Wayne Tibbetts and Linda Field bring a breadth and depth of experience in developing tax strategies that mitigate the tax burden in both countries. G & G Partnership, LLP (G & G), a Canadian based accounting firm, located in Toronto, is a partner of CBTA. G & G has been providing accounting, assurance, and creative tax minimization strategies to individuals, corporations and entrepreneurs for more than four decades. CBTA was initially founded as a unique tax preparation business partner of Keats Connelly & Associates — the largest cross-border wealth management firm in North America that specializes in helping Canadians and Americans realize their dreams of a cross-border lifestyle. It then grew into a separate and thriving tax entity.

Let us show you what Cross Border Tax & Accounting can do for you.


What you need to know about Canada-U.S. tax laws will make your head spin.

fortunately, you have us.

Individual Tax Return

Individual tax return preparation

As a U.S. citizen living in Canada or as a Canadian living in the U.S., you may need to file taxes in both countries. Whether it’s employment income, other compensation, capital gains or real estate rentals, the complexities of the tax and compliance regulations require a serious understanding of the U.S.-Canada tax treaty.

Corporate Tax Return

Corporate tax return preparation

As a Canadian business owner with operations in the U.S. or as an American business owner with operations in Canada, reducing your tax burden requires practical tax strategies and realistic solutions that address your particular needs. The right advice from a team of cross-border taxation professionals not only avoids filing error penalties but also ensures the inclusion of every available deduction opportunity.

Partnership Tax Preparation

Partnership tax preparation

Cross-border partnership structures can lead to complex tax situations.  An entity may be taxed as a partnership in one country and a corporation in another, which can lead to double taxation of the income.  We evaluate the entity's structure to determine which tax rules apply to maximize the tax benefits in both countries.

Trust Tax

Trust tax preparation

The impact of foreign trusts on taxes is a complex aspect of tax law. We identify all of the issues relevant to your particular trust or trusts, prepare and submit all of the proper withholding forms and ensure the correct tax amounts are remitted to the tax authorities in each country.

Sale of US property

Sale or rental of U.S. Real Property

Canadian owners of real estate property are subject to U.S. tax and/or FIRPTA withholding for non-residents when selling or renting that property. But, that payment generates a foreign tax credit, which can then be used to reduce the Canadian tax payable on the sale. Knowing how to apply that credit gives you the best possible tax outcome.


Canadian Property

Non-residents of Canada may face paying Canadian income tax on taxable capital gains earned on the disposition of taxable Canadian property. Requests for Certificates of Compliance must be filed within 10 days of the disposition and a non-resident return on rental income property must also be filed. Specific processes must be followed to be in accordance with Canadian tax law.

US estate

U.S. Estate/Gift Tax preparation

Both U.S. and non-U.S. citizens who live, work or own property in the United States may be impacted by estate tax and/or gift tax regulations. Residency and domicile choices play a major role in the tax implications and your potential tax consequences.


FBAR & FATCA reporting in the U.S. & foreign reporting in Canada

Ownership in out-of-country financial accounts (including bank accounts, brokerage accounts, retirement accounts and mutual funds) must be reported to the IRS and CRA. Canadian corporations operating in the U.S. and vice versa must complete a Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR) form and/or a Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) form. We identify all concerns and ensure compliance.


IRS Streamlined Filing

Despite being required to do so annually, many U.S. citizens and green card holders do not consistently file tax returns with the IRS in compliance with the Internal Revenue Code. As such, the IRS offers a program to assist delinquent taxpayers in becoming compliant without significant penalties. We navigate this program on your behalf.


Who we are

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David Levine, CPA (Florida), CPA, CA (Ontario)

David Levine began working in the Accounting and Tax Services industry in 1980. He practiced as a Chartered Professional Accountant in Toronto, Canada for 20 years, many of these years as a partner of G&G. He assisted his many clients with U.S. and Canadian cross-border tax concerns, before moving to Palm Beach County, Florida and experiencing first-hand the tax issues related to a move from Canada to the U.S. He now specializes in international taxes to help clients get the best possible tax outcome. David is the co-author of the books Taxation of Canadians in America: Are you at Risk? and Taxation of Americans in Canada: Are you at Risk?  When he’s not at work, David enjoys spending time with his family and traveling.

Linda Field, CPA

Linda Field began working at Cross Border Tax & Accounting in 2006 and has been a tax manager since 2009.   She specializes in helping clients prepare individual taxes in both the U.S. and Canada and helps clients solve cross-border tax compliance issues. Linda also prepares U.S. Partnership, Corporate, Trust, Estate and Gift Taxes. Linda holds a BBA from the University of Arizona School of Business and received her CPA designation in 1989 in the state of Arizona. When not at the office, Linda enjoys traveling with her family and hiking with her two dogs.

Wayne Tibbetts, CPA (Arizona), MS TAX

Wayne Tibbetts has been working in the tax and financial services industry since 1986. He obtained his Masters of Tax from ASU. He spent 10 years in the U.S. Navy as a Poseidon Nuclear Missile Technician where he served aboard an FBM Submarine and SubTender. When not preparing tax returns, Wayne enjoys shooting and off-road riding. He is a member of Front Sight Resort in Nevada and a lifetime member of the NRA. Wayne and his wife, Kathleen, live in Arizona with their two daughters.